GP-1/0, Issue 1
GP-1/0, Issue 1
GP-1/0, Issue 1
GP-1/0, Issue 1
GP-1/0, Issue 1
GP-1/0, Issue 1

GP-1/0, Issue 1

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This isn't what I asked for but it is what I wanted. This "zine" isn't about watches but we hope it will represent an extension of the same ethos MKII brings to our watches, a love of analog and print, an appreciation for the written word and design, a book about Buckminster Fuller, and the value of the experience and experiment. This was an experiment for MKII, yet also the logical conclusion to our above inspirations. The team that we assembled for the project was able to take the concept and make it into a reality that was greater than what it would have been as a solo project. In the end we are proud to say that this zine is an expression of an idea as seen through each team member's perspective. We made 500 of these Zine’s and each comes as part of a broader package, print as part of a cohesive experience.
  • 44 pages
  • 4 color process: digitally printed on an HP indigo printer
  • Accent Opaque 100# cover, Accent Opaque 80# text
  • Cut to size- Singer sewn binding
  • 500 piece limited edition
  • Printed in the USA - Kirkwood Printing of Wilmington, MA
  • Patch
  • Sticker
  • Postcard
  • Packaging


Guinea Pig One/Zero



Inspired by in country unit morale patches, this patch alludes to the experimental mindset that drives GP-1/0. With a hook and loop backing it can be used on hats, packs, or apparel that have a loop panel.



The GP-1/0 logo is an instant upgrade to your laptop or Nalgene, and bound to prompt some confusion for those who see it. Up to you whether you want to explain it to them.



Snail Mail made the last year bearable, let’s keep it going. Each Zine comes with a postcard to send or save.