General Questions

There is only one difference between our Built in the USA timepieces and our Swiss Made watches. 

1) Assembly: Our Swiss Made collection is assembled in Switzerland. Built in USA watches are assembled by hand in the US. The components in both collections are exactly the same. 

Domed crystals offer reduced glare. Flat crystals can “white-out” when exposed to strong or direct light, rendering the watch dial illegible. Domed crystals are more tactical in that they do not reflect light as strongly or in as focused a manner as flat crystals do. By their design domed crystals are stronger than a comparable flat crystal.

All Mk II crystals feature anti-reflective (AR) coating on the interior surface only. We do not coat the exterior surface of our crystals because the AR coating is not as hard as the sapphire crystal itself.

• Water resistant watches should have their gaskets checked every year if consistently exposed to water (e.g. swimming). If the watch is only in casual contact with water and you live in a temperate climate it is advisable to have the watch checked at least once every two years. Exposure to strong sunlight, salt water, and chemicals can also accelerate the aging of the gaskets that seal a watch from the elements.

• For a watch to have reliable and consistent water resistance a screw-down crown is a necessity.

• For more information on water resistant watches please see the FHS.

• Not all watches that say they are water resistant are actually tested for water resistance. One of the primary reasons that some watches cost more than others is the quality standards that each time piece is expected to meet. There are a number of manufacturers in the market that advertise a water resistance that is greater than the timepiece can actually withstand. Each Mk II custom watch and Swiss Made watch is individually tested for its rated water resistance.

Because of the hand crafted nature of our watches and based on past experience we have found that this is the best way to maintain an orderly schedule and the most consistent level of service quality. Other methods that we have explored have ultimately required levels of bureacracy that would require us to charge several times more for our watches. This would run contrary to our guiding principle of unique, high quality watches at an affordable price. Our customer oriented order cancellation policy and the fact that we have been in business since 2002 we hope will provide assurance that your trust is well placed.

Please note that we no longer sell parts for the purpose of customization.

Watch Care

The FHS recommends having a mechanical watch serviced every 3 years. Practically speaking you should have the watch inspected if it demonstrates a appreciable loss of accuracy or function.

In the US you can look up a watchmaker on the AWI web site. In addition, one of the best ways to find quality watchmakers is to ask for a referral from a friend or member of a watch forum.

You can send your Mk II brand watch to us for service. We recommend that if your watch is still within the Warranty Period that you contact us through the Mk II Customer Service Portal. If your watch is out of warranty we recommend the following watchmaker for repairs and service:

Midwest Watch & Clock

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

Normally we ship via the US Postal Service for domestic and international customers. For each package shipping information and tracking numbers are sent automatically via e-mail when the shipping labels are printed.

Here is a summary of our shipping methods:

Domestic Customers:

• Watches, Accessories and Parts: We ship all orders via Priority Insured with Delivery Confirmation. The transit time is on average 2-3 business days. This can vary according to time of year (e.g. Christmas) and weather conditions between Pennsylvania and the package's final destination. Tracking is available through the US Postal Service web site.
FedEx service is also available for an additional fee.

International Customers:

• Parts: For most parts orders we ship via International Priority Mail (no tracking available). Normal transit time is 4-10 business days. For larger orders shipments are automatically upgraded to EMS Insured at our discretion. EMS transit time averages 3-5 business days. Lead times can vary greatly by destination country and does not account for customs clearance delays.

• Watches: All watches are shipped via International Priority Mail Insured with tracking. Lead times average 4-10 business days. Tracking information is available through the US Postal Service web site. Once the packages arrives in the destination country tracking information should be available through your local post office web site, if available. Watches can also be shipped via FedEx.

We hold true to the belief that quality is only attained in the constant pursuit of perfection. We do our best to meet quoted lead times but these commitments are always secondary to doing our work right the first time. We thank you in advance for your patience.

When ordering is "open" this means that the components and/or assembled "heads" of the watches are in stock and we are shipping. We do our best to build stock but often times demand for our work has outstripped supply resulting in lead times longer than 1-2 weeks, which is our target. Lead times are updated manually and we do our best to update these lead times weekly. We do apologize in advance if the the lead time posted is out of date by the time we confirm your order.