Communications Policy

Products from Mk II are frequently released in limited batches. Depending on demand, this can at times lead to extremely rapid sell through of slots. To minimize confusion and frustration and in the interest of transparency, please refer below to our product launch and ordering process and policies below. This is intended to help customers be in the best possible position to secure items they’re interested in. It is however important to note, that following the below recommendations DOES NOT guarantee you a spot or preferential treatment.

Email Newsletter

Our email newsletter is where we announce product launches, brand dispatches (stories and such), brand updates, and other relevant information. We don’t email a lot, maybe a couple times a month. The advantage to signing up here is we always give the Email Newsletter advance notice of a product launch or restock. They get the where and when first. Please DO NOT sign up for the email newsletter if you’re not cool with getting multiple emails a month and some of them possibly not about the specific product you might be waiting for. 

Restock Notifications

There is an option on each product page when it’s Out of Stock to sign up for an alert list both by email and SMS. This is a plug-in to the e-commerce platform we utilize. These alerts are triggered by us adding inventory into the back-end. They deploy when that inventory hits the site, but we have no control over when people signed up get them (things such as how often your email refreshes, security settings, etc can affect this). This is a helpful option if you don’t want to join the newsletter and ONLY want to hear about the one product. BUT, given the email newsletter gets advance notice, for high demand products a few minutes can make the difference.

Social Media

We will announce launches the day they occur on social media. Sometimes we may drop hints leading up to a launch. We do our best to answer incoming questions on social media, but on launch days this can become unwieldy due to the volume of incoming messages.

Wait Lists

We do not do wait lists for spots in preorders or product launches. Unfortunately it’s just too cumbersome to manage. Any cancellations are rolled into the next restock or launch.