About Mk II



The first company of our kind we are specialists in custom tool-watches. In 2002 Mk II began as a small business selling watch parts and offering customization services for other maker's watches, such as the venerable Seiko Diver. Since those early days Mk II has developed into an American watch company specializing in custom and Swiss Made watches sold exclusively under the Mk II brand. 

"Mk II/Mk 2/Mark 2" is widely used by military organizations to designate the second generation or iteration of a tool or piece of equipment. We selected the designation "Mk II" as our trademark to represent our dedication to utilitarianism, reliability, and timeless styling. Furthermore, the name Mk II encapsulates our innovative endeavor to build an inclusive luxury brand; rooted in value and substance. An Mk II watch continues to be built to serve customers that believe our watches speak volumes of their own knowledge, independence, and self-assurance. 

For the future we aspire to build a boutique brand with a global presence. With an annual production of 1,000 pieces (smaller than most companies' limited editions) we want to build watches based on the principle of quality over quantity. Building upon our vintage styled collection and what we have learned over its development, we are creating what we hope will be future classics of our own.


We began by customizing other brands with solid reputations, earning our own reputation for quality, craftsmanship and design excellence in the process. By working with other company's watches we acquired an expertise in watch case design and developed our own philosophy towards styling and watch construction.

Design Principle

Good design is the physical embodiment of a philosophical perspective. Each Mk II timepiece is engineered around a function and purpose. When we work from a vintage reference design we delve into the philosophy and intent behind its different elements in order to renew its purpose rather than merely re-creating it. This understanding guides our contributions when styling needs to be updated to accommodate modern techniques, materials, aesthetics, or other improvements all the while preserving the essence of the design.


We reference vintage designs because those are the designs that we are passionate about and want to see renewed so that they can tell their story through a new generation. We re-work and reimagine the designs in an effort to renew or create a timeless quality in the hope of extending the design’s influence into the future. The ultimate goal is for our timepieces to earn a place in your history. Toward this goal it must transcend fad or fashion.


For a piece to become timeless it has to survive the test of time from a design as well as a functional aspect. This is why we focus on quality and execution. A reputation built on an unrelenting commitment to quality is why our watches have found their way to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other equally pleasant locales. Attention to the details invites customers to build a lasting relationship with a timepiece. A well designed tool will be used. A trusted tool is something that becomes a part of you.



The Mk II utilitarian design aesthetic permeates everything that we do and in a nutshell defines our personal philosophy. The workshop is outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment and tools. Aside from those essential pieces of equipment the workshop itself exemplifies a workspace with every priority being given to sourcing quality components and the tools that enable us to realize our dedication to superior workmanship.