Mk II Nassau, link
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Mk II Nassau, link | Replacement bracelet link
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This bracelet link has been developed as a replacement for the link on the 6 o'clock side of the Nassau bracelet. This new link will enable customers to use all 4 of the micro-adjustment points on the clasp.

Customer Groups:

* Link and First Class S&H Free: The part will be supplied free of charge for customers that bought their Nassau from Mk II or customers that bought their Nassau on the second hand market AND have purchased watches directly from us in the past. If you believe you qualify please submit a ticket to the Service & Parts Dept. We will be using the email address you submitted to cross reference your order history and will issue you a coupon code accordingly.

* Standard Price plus S&H: For individuals that bought their Nassau on the second hand market but have not purchased directly from Mk II in the past the cost of the link will be $0.01 plus S&H.

Additional Information

Material: Stainless steel